MK Early Access!

//// Mercenary Kings Hits Steam's Early Access this 22nd!

Ninja Senki

//// Fan art I did a couple months ago of the very excellent Ninja Senki game by friend Pixeltao


//// Concept Sprites for a "River City Ransom" game pitch

//// La JESUS Improvisation League Mascot

//// a BCP add for Scores Rotisserie BBQ, promoting their use of "pure laine" Quebec products... not sure it got used though...

//// Concept and Sprite for a Jenna Marbles game pitch

//// Character Design for Funforge

//// 5Ssens Logo

For a Few Dollars More

//// Promotional Strips for new game play

//// Transylvaniac Enemies

//// Achievement Medals

//// Couple more things I did a while back on Monster Burner.

Kayak Canada's History Magazine for Kids No 41

//// Cover

//// Spot Illustrations

//// I did these for this September's issue of 'Kayak Canada's History Magazine for Kids'.

Mercenary KINGS hits Kickstarter!

//// Mercenary KINGS, the new upcoming game from Tribute, remember the name!

Like a giant Megazord, the team behind "Scott Pilgrim VS The World: The Game!" assemble once more!
Paul Robertson, Jonathan Kim, Jonathan Lavigne, Jean-François Major and myself are ready to cross the streams and bring this monster down in the box!

The project is in early development but already very promising, it should kick asses pretty good!

Check out the Kickstarter page and spread the word as much as you can!

Gueules de bois

//// I tried a little wood carving this week-end.