the FEEL BETTER challenge...

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//// Cardio Exercises

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//// All of these for a web campaign that gets you moving through your daily routine. It was aimed at women with the look and everything, but it can work for everybody really.

You can try it via facebook here

[ Harde, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk ]

baronetage [ˈbærənɪtɪdʒ] n. (History / Heraldry) the order of baronets; baronets collectively

//// Some Close-ups

//// This started as something completely different that could still come along eventually. Then a giant laughing baron atop a stock of barrels took over and looking for references it quickly revolved around prohibition, super nice vintage platform trucks and German waitresses. I was struggling with the baron's face when I walked by this amazing dozing smiling bulldog one day near my place and there you are.

[ The Grand Apartment - Louis XIV ]