baronetage [ˈbærənɪtɪdʒ] n. (History / Heraldry) the order of baronets; baronets collectively

//// Some Close-ups

//// This started as something completely different that could still come along eventually. Then a giant laughing baron atop a stock of barrels took over and looking for references it quickly revolved around prohibition, super nice vintage platform trucks and German waitresses. I was struggling with the baron's face when I walked by this amazing dozing smiling bulldog one day near my place and there you are.

[ The Grand Apartment - Louis XIV ]


Emmanuelle.Walker said...

My goodness!! C'est magnifiquement superbe! Bravo! Et alors c'est pour un bar? C'est pour toi?

Laurent said...

Tiens, cette mise en couleurs change un peu de ce que tu fais d'habitude, non ?

Stéphane Boutin said...

WLKR - ouais non c'est vraiment qu'un truc perso, parcontre j'avoue que faire quelque chose pour un bar ou une bière ca me flaterait dans le sens du poil ^_^

LRNT - sur scott j'ai fait beaucoup de couleur mais pas trop de rendu et ca me démangeait follement, alors maintenant je me gâte et ca me vient comme ci ^_^ peut etre trop lèché?

Mathieu Beaulieu said...

Sa fait un sacré beau poster cà!

jaumeAV said...

Wow! this looks awesome.

I recently discovered your site, coming from Paul Robertson's work for Scott Pilgrim.
I got to tell you, i love your work, and especially your background art for the game you made. You guys managed to end up with one of the best games i've played lately. It actually inspired me to finally go for doing one myself. I'd always thought about it, but never really started.

About this illustration, i was wondering the technique you used. Is it paint and ink? is it all digital?

shed some light on me please :)

i'll keep coming back to your site to check what you are doing, and to find inspiration.

congrats on your work!


Stéphane Boutin said...

JAUMEAV - thanks and good luck with your projects. this one, like most of my stuff actually, originates from paper sketches of different size and quality. then i scan everything and clean and color with photoshop using some brushes and tricks which i shall learn to use more efficiently ^_^

jaumeAV said...

nice.. that is my same process, its just that your paths and traces looks so awesome that i wondered if youd ink on paper and then paint digitally. :)

i'd love to see how you use your brushes and learn some tricks from you.

keep up the good work. :)