//// Loading Screen

//// In-game Animations

//// Menu Characters

//// Menu Screens

//// Some Tutorial Screens

//// End Level Screens

//// Credits Screen

//// That's pretty much my contribution for the game it-self
and then I played with that for some marketing assets.

//// General Esthetic Contribution

////A sculpture I did from the main Baddies...

//// That even got some traveling opportunities!

//// Monster Burner is a super nice little ipad project from Ubisoft I'm currently working on. I did a first 3 months contract last July to Septembre to help finish the initial game which is now out there and running and these are most of the things I did. I just started a second 3 months contract, now assuming art direction, so probably more of this to come.

Check it out on the App Store!

fac off!

//// Character Line-Up

//// One of the stories

//// Comic project with writer Erick Lasnel.
Single panel gags about student life style.

Still looking for a publisher, if anyone's interested, contact us!

L'Évangile selon Hawk

//// Character Study of Hawk & the Ghosts

//// First Pages

//// Comic project with writer Erick Lasnel.
Western-fantasy story about Hawk, an old bad-ass shaman priest, sent out to save a little town terrorized by an Indian and a Yankee ghost.

Still looking for a publisher, so if anybody's interested, contact us!


//// Box Art

PIXELTAO's Jonathan Lavigne teamed up with friends Justin Cyr, Jean-François Major and Paul Robertson on this new game WIZORB


//// Character Research

//// My friend David Routhier and I wanted to do a quick short together. We brainstormed for 2 days and came up with a pretty nice idea about this evil guy, who would dictates his plans of world destruction to his twin secretaries, only to get busted in the end by this ninja space ranger.

It all became just a bit to big of a project for the time we had, but I still extrapolated this fake poster, cause I really liked the concept.

Maybe we'll go back to the short sometime around.

[ Diabolic Scheme - The Hives ]

The Big Idea

//// The Big Idea
- 94 names cards
- 94 adjectives cards
- 1 point card
- 4 box cover assets

//// Extra cards for foreign languages editions

That was a huge amount of work I did for FUNFORGE!
But I had a pretty good time doing it!

Check it out!

Lanfeust Mag No. 142

//// Rough Layout

//// Character Line-up

//// Lizzy Duncan

//// Matteo Duncan

//// Magasine's Table of Content Illustration

//// Happy Birthday, Mamy

//// Story by Laurent Habart
Fun project, I liked the classy robbery theme. First time I had to do so much night shots, it certainly was a bit tricky. The Characters evolved until the very end, mostly lizzy. I think I was finally getting somewhere on the table of content illustration.

Maybe more of the Duncan's in the futur...