Kayak Canada's History Magazine for Kids No 41

//// Cover

//// Spot Illustrations

//// I did these for this September's issue of 'Kayak Canada's History Magazine for Kids'.

Mercenary KINGS hits Kickstarter!

//// Mercenary KINGS, the new upcoming game from Tribute, remember the name!

Like a giant Megazord, the team behind "Scott Pilgrim VS The World: The Game!" assemble once more!
Paul Robertson, Jonathan Kim, Jonathan Lavigne, Jean-François Major and myself are ready to cross the streams and bring this monster down in the box!

The project is in early development but already very promising, it should kick asses pretty good!

Check out the Kickstarter page and spread the word as much as you can!

Gueules de bois

//// I tried a little wood carving this week-end.

Monster Burner IOS

//// Loading

//// Game Intro

//// Some Menu Screens

//// Genie

//// Shop Keeper

//// Random assets

//// Death Test

//// This should conclude my work on the Monster Burner franchise.

It's now available for FREE on all IOS devices

The 3D's *

//// Anaplyph version for geniuses who own glasses

//// Flat grayscaled version for mere mortals

//// Delphine, Daria, Dominique and Grecia in the back not part of the 3D's but still in 3D*.

* 3D glasses not included.

Harry Potter

//// YES! I'm a Harry Potter fan!
I think it's an amazing journey and the movies and actors just got better and better, adding tremendously to the whole experience.
I enjoyed Jim Dale's reading of the saga many times in the last years and it's been quite hard to choose and cut characters or props out of this peculiar piece, so I compromised by making this funky favorites montage.

Hope I won't offend purists too much!

The Shake Shack

//// Trying something a bit different this time. I was aiming at a pencil and watercolor kinda look.

My friend Patrick Désilets and I had a brainstorm session a while ago and I revisited some of the ideas we'd had back then, adding a little 80's twist.

[ Multiply - Jamie Lidell (White Glove Concert) ]

Scott Pilgriming once more

//// Something I did for a T-shirt contest

//// Logo Test I did for the new color edition of the Scott Pilgrim Saga


//// I was more than halfway through the first series when a friend told me it wasn't following the books, but that the second and better series was. Finished it anyway. I thought the movie was interesting enough and really saved the show. Some of the title songs are pretty cool.

Watching the second series right now, so maybe another little fan art of the sexy ladies eventually.

TBI Genius Pack 1 : La Science-fiction Médiévale

//// My work on the first Expansion Pack, or Genius Pack as they call them, of The Big Idea card game. An all new Science-fiction/Medieval themed 80+1 cards to complement the original game.

Get them here and enjoy!

Kayak Canada's History Magazine for Kids No 38

//// Final product

//// A cover illustration I did for this February issue of Kayak Canada's History Magazine for Kids.