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//// I just had a flash, now I wonder what's the story ^_^

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K's mischief

//// Original Sketch & Rough Line

Saw this nice white wolf dog the other day. Did some sketches coming back home and I got really motivated by my first drafts.

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1, 2, testing?

//// A little rough concept proposition for National Bank that didn't make it.
Oh well... ^_^

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the FEEL BETTER challenge...

//// Proposition Test

//// Select Profile

//// Cardio Exercises

//// Muscle Toning Exercises

//// Flexibility Exercises

//// Trophies

//// All of these for a web campaign that gets you moving through your daily routine. It was aimed at women with the look and everything, but it can work for everybody really.

You can try it via facebook here

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baronetage [ˈbærənɪtɪdʒ] n. (History / Heraldry) the order of baronets; baronets collectively

//// Some Close-ups

//// This started as something completely different that could still come along eventually. Then a giant laughing baron atop a stock of barrels took over and looking for references it quickly revolved around prohibition, super nice vintage platform trucks and German waitresses. I was struggling with the baron's face when I walked by this amazing dozing smiling bulldog one day near my place and there you are.

[ The Grand Apartment - Louis XIV ]


//// Sketches

//// I did the line of this one something like 7 months ago, then got stuck on colors and had to put it aside because of work. I was really looking forward finishing it and right now was the time ^_^

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//// As far as I know, the sixth character will be a downloadable one and will only come out with the DVD release of the movie.

And I strangely, sadly maybe, but honestly don't remember any of the codes to unlock the extra game modes. I can't even tell you if they are actually in the game right now or if it will be part of the downloadable content, cause it was all part of a marketing plan. But if they are in, they were all old games code like Sonic codes or KONAMI codes if I'm not mistaken.


//// Probably the best promotional piece we had on this at the time of it's release

//// For everything else, I re-uploaded everything HERE. Enjoy!